Educational Philosophy

IoM MethodologyMichol Dalcourt delivers solution-based lectures that offer a current perspective on the body, based on the latest research in biomechanics, anatomy and training methodology. He has an incredible knack for taking very complex concepts in science and making them simple and easy to put into practice. Michol has become known in the industry as the source for a fundamental understanding of relationships within the body. A true understanding of these relationships depends on a close exploration of fascia and its relationships with muscle, nerve and joint motion. With the Institute of Motion, you will learn anatomy from a completely different perspective. You will be inspired by Michol’s never-ending curiosity, and will see that with IoM, the exploration never stops…


Using the IOM METHODOLOGY you will:

Understand relationships of STRUCTURES in the body– How this understanding affects how you assess, and how you train.

Explore the relationships between the body’s structures and GROUND, GRAVITY, MASS AND MOMENTUM

Understand what is FASCIA and how does it load, how is it structured, what governs it and what properties does it have?

Truly understand the FASCIAL SYSTEM, the organ of support, as it relates to function and motion

Grasp how MUSCLE and fascia (myofasciae) INTERPLAY AND INTERDEPEND?

Contemplate TENSEGRITY (tensional integrity) and how does it create shape stability and form in the body?

Learn the benefits of using movements in training with AUTHENTICITY to REAL LIFE movement

Understand how BONES swim in constant tension, how it is not necessary that bones touch, and why it is good they don’t touch

Learn analogies that will help you understand complex concepts– for example, How is fascia like a bag?

Deepen your understanding of the body, but takeaway simple messages to use with clients

Work with all of the details but Michol will back up to say, “When you SEE this, DO this”