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Increase your Expertise

Understanding modern exercise science gives you new insight into the way you use and coach movement.

Energize your Training

Client-ready exercises make it easy to play with the new concepts immediately.

Balance your Programming

4Q Training Model combines inclusive principles with a simple framework to ensure your training programs are balanced.


5 Minutes is all you need

Take it with you anywhere you have internet connectivity. Each lesson takes five minutes to watch, which means you will be ready to apply it with your next client.

Free Trial

Try it out for two weeks, on us. If it’s not for you, no worries. If it makes your job more interesting, fun, and successful, keep it going with a monthly subscription.

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IoM Pro Content Team

Michol Dalcourt
IoM Founder

John Sinclair
Programming Officer

Derrick Price
Programming Officer

Derek Vandenbrink
Information Officer

Pete McCall
Science Officer


What are you curious about?

I’m not receiving Push Notifications.

On your mobile device click Settings > Notification Center and ensure settings are turned on to receive push notifications. Also, scroll down to the IoM Pro app icon in the Notification Center, click on the icon and select Alerts as the style of push notifications.

How do I change my email or update my profile?

To update your profile, access the web app at and click on the “Profile” icon. Then, click on the “Edit Profile” tab to change your profile settings. Remember to click “Save” when you are finished.

How often is new content uploaded?

You’ll receive new content 3 times per week. This frequent release of applied material means you can immediately use the new concepts with your clients.

How do I use IoM Pro?

It’s easy! The first time you access IoM Pro you’ll see a number of tips and instructions on how to get the most out of it.

Are there refunds? Can I pause my membership? Can I transfer or share my membership?

Monthly subscriptions are non-refundable. If needed you may pause your subscription for up to a total of 3 months within a 12-month period. Each subscription is for individual use and is non-transferable.

What are my payment options for IoM Pro?

Purchases must be made with a valid credit card on

What is the monthly subscription fee?

Your $17.99 per month (less than $4.50 per week) subscription fee grants you access to the fascinating lessons and practical applications that will make your training more interesting, fun, and successful.

Where can I download the IoM Pro mobile app?

IoM Pro is available on the App Store.

Can I try it for free?

Yes! To begin your 14-day FREE trial, create an account at and download the mobile app on the App Store.

How do I get started with IoM Pro?

Create an account at then download the IoM Pro app on the App Store.

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No Credit Card Required to Access the Free Trial, Cancel Anytime
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