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4Q Programming Fundamentals

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Anatomy Live

Explore the tissues that create movement and how this structure informs technique.

Join the collaboration between Anatomy Trains author and master bodyworker Thomas Myers and the Institute of Motion in a two day exploration of fascia and movement.


  • ACE Credits: 2.2

  • NASM Credits: 1.9

  • NCBTMB Credits: 21


Our multi-day courses give you the chance to learn intensively, ask questions, and practice creatively.

  • ACE Credits: 2.4

  • NASM Credits: 1.9

  • NSCA Credits: 2.0

  • PTAG Credits: 21

Level I

In Level One, we take a fresh look at the body’s movement structures to discover how they work as a whole to create motion.

Use 4Q to design workouts that balance different types of movement.

The 6-Steps of Exercise Design will show you how to manipulate exercises to change tissue stresses.


Level 2

In Level Two, we further our investigation of integrative physiology and movement biomechanics. Our primary inquiry: How do we structure our programs to reflect proper regression and attention to deficiencies in individuals, knowing that they will have movement differences?

Whether your clients are training for sport performance or wellness outcomes, they will require programs that address mobility, movement variability, and performance goals. You will learn a set of steps and assessments that intersect with and expand upon the practical programming skills learned in Level One.

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