You’re only 6 steps away from better Program Design for your clients and athletes based on the IoM Methodology.

IoM’s Program Design is a conveniently outlined thought process enabling Personal Trainers and Athletic Coaches to create optimal reactions from their exercise selections in the right environments. Follow the Six Steps to arrive at the right exercise for the right circumstance, with the right client or athlete.

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orientationStep 1

Choose Orientation to Gravity
In which way are we oriented to gravity?
eg. prone / supine / side /lying / parallel

actionStep 2

Choose Movement
Describes the ‘gross movement pattern’ that our body is going through

loadDeviceStep 3

Choose Load Device
Consideration is given to what physical divers we are using
eg. dumbbell / bar / elastomeric / cable / bodyweight etc.

handprintStep 4

Choose Handprint
Where are feet are positioned, and what (if anything) they are doing?

footprintStep 5

Choose Footprint
Where are hands are positioned and where (if anywhere) they are going?

thresholdStep 6

Choose Threshold
Acute variable manipulation
eg. sets / reps / speed / ROM / complexity of motion etc.