6 Steps

Here are the 6 Steps of IoM’s Program Design at a glance.

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orientationStep 1

Choose Orientation to Gravity
In which way are we oriented to gravity?
eg. prone / supine / side /lying / parallel

actionStep 2

Choose Movement
Describes the ‘gross movement pattern’ that our body is going through

loadDeviceStep 3

Choose Load Device
Consideration is given to what physical divers we are using
eg. dumbbell / bar / elastomeric / cable / bodyweight etc.

handprintStep 4

Choose Handprint
Where are feet are positioned, and what (if anything) they are doing?

footprintStep 5

Choose Footprint
Where are hands are positioned and where (if anywhere) they are going?

thresholdStep 6

Choose Threshold
Acute variable manipulation
eg. sets / reps / speed / ROM / complexity of motion etc.