Put the Power of Health and Wellness
in Motion for your Business

As an Applied Health and Human Performance company, we provide and implement evidence-based health + performance systems on a global scale. 

Future-Ready Health and Fitness Professionals

Understand why being “fit” doesn’t always mean being “healthy”, and learn how to help your clients crush their goals, faster and more sustainably, by focusing on both.

Workplace Well-being and Resilience

At IoM, we’ve spent two decades learning how to shape and power up environments to enhance Health and Human Performance. Our goal is to help organizations mold their Wellness Ecosystem, a process we term Wellcology™.

Some of Our Clients

Learn how we can help you engage, rejuvenate, and inspire your clients, employees, and athletes.

At IoM, we are an applied health and human performance company. For over 20 years, we continue to provide innovative solutions in the arenas of health care, fitness and human performance through programming, coaching and education.

Our mission is to help people improve their health so they can do whatever it is they love most. We get fired up about helping others enjoy the benefits of healthy choices, because we know health is what makes everything possible.

Coaches Say