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Change in the field of health and fitness is moving at breakneck speed. Technology has entered the arena, and it feels like there is a new virtual trainer device out every week. Some say that personal training is dead. At IoM, we say it's the perfect time for a personal training evolution. We work with health and fitness pros who want to propel their careers into this brave new world; to evolve from trainers into Health Coaches.


Over three days, we dive into the science at the forefront of human health: sleep, cell health, longevity, fascia and more. We give you strategies and tools that help you turn this science into results for yourself and your clients.


Our continuing education app turns your smartphone into your secret weapon. In 5 minutes, you can watch, learn, and apply.

Anatomy Live

This collaboration with Anatomy Trains brings movement coaching and bodywork experts into one room. Take part in guided cadaver dissection and learn how to use movement to improve the health of connective tissue.

Available Courses

IoM Currently Offers training for the new ViPR PRO® and Online Courses in Association with IdeaFit

IoM Workshops

At the Institute of Motion, we are constantly innovating around programming and movement-based solutions for optimizing health and creating sustainable performance. We now offer a variety of live workshops for fitness professionals to develop their skill set around these latest solutions.

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Upcoming Dates

Engineering Health & Performance using 4Q System

March 14 : Palm Beach Gardens

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Deadstarts + The Complete Guide to Metabolic Flexibility

April 3 : Chicago

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Engineering Health & Performance using 4Q System

Date TBD : Dallas

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What if you could help keep your clients free from injuries?

Most health professionals work with people whose bodies are hurting, or stressed, or stuck. Yet most of what we learn about the human body is from anatomically correct (ie. perfect) diagrams and models. Rediscover human structure, in its complex and imperfect reality, at our workshop collaboration with Anatomy Trains' Thomas Myers. Learn how to improve your clients’ tissue health and avoid movement restrictions at Anatomy Live.

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IoM Mentorships

Understanding the effects of any type of movement is the key to performance and injury prevention. These intensive 3-day courses dive into the why and how of movement strategies. Learn how to justify any intervention using the science of tissue behaviour. Become part of the IoM family, as we learn, practice and play on the beach and in the classroom.

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Learn intensively, ask questions, and practice creatively. We make time for you to network with your colleagues and fellow fitness geeks.

The 4-Quadrant Model

Easily organize a program that balances training with recovery, intensity with rest, specificity with randomness, and structure with variability in and out of the gym setting.

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A must-have resource for health and fitness pros who want to propel their careers forward. Here’s how our immersion learning app works:

  • Short, specific lessons delivered to your smartphone 3 times per week.
  • Theory and practical application videos that you can use with your clients right away.
  • Over time, these short lessons aggregate into a significant body of knowledge, and a powerful toolkit of movements, assessments, and lifestyle interventions.

In 5 minutes, you can watch, learn, and apply.


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Continuing education should ignite your interest and delight your clients.

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