Build Unbreakable Results For Special Populations

Develop a mastery of programming for health and human performance for special populations with AHHPS Level 3

Level 3 Objectives

In this 12 module University-level course, you’ll develop mastery of programming for health and human performance for special populations, making YOU, one of the top Health and Human Performance Specialists in the industry. 

  • Level 3 of the Applied Health and Human Performance Specialist experience takes the logic of IoM programming learned in Level 1 and 2 and explores how to create a Health and Human Performance experience for special populations. 
  • Module 1-2: We begin by looking at ways to assess the controllable Determinants of Health, i.e. The Physical Domain (how we train, condition, and recover physically), The Mental/Emotional Domain (how we enhance Mindset, create Purpose, and facilitate our Thoughts/Feelings/Actions to live a high-performance life) and Social/Economic Domain (how to foster meaningful and supportive relationships). This allows a coach to not just program exercise, but also consider behaviors and lifestyle factors that may need to be integrated within the Health and Human Performance experience. From the client perspective, they will engage in a very unique experience that goes beyond the 4 walls of a gym to foster sustainable, long-term solutions for their health and performance aspirations.
  • Modules 3-4 is Cognitive Health and Performance, looking at how we can enhance cognitive function for occupational performance and delaying or potentially preventing cognitive decline. 
  • Modules 5-6 tackle Disease States, exploring the science and programming considerations that need to be made with Pulmonary, Cardiovascular, and Metabolic Disease along with Cancer. 
  • Modules 7-10 explores Gender-Specific training, recognizing the unique physiological differences between Male, Female, and Transgender and the considerations that must be made at different points in life as our chemistry changes in the aging process. From the Male perspective, we’ll address ways to mitigate the loss of Testosterone and other common ailments such as Prostate Health. From the female perspective, we’ll identify the programming considerations that must be made at different phases of the Menstrual Cycle, along with programming guidelines for navigating Menopause and Pregnancy. From the Transgender perspective, we’ll explore the hormonal changes that occur during transition and the programming considerations that need to be made to not only help during transition, but also for long-term physical and mental/emotional health.
  • Lastly, in Modules 11-12 we explore coaching and programming guidelines for the Single-Sport Athlete, recognizing the unique challenges we face when we specialize within a given sport and how to prolong and bulletproof the body so a person can enjoy their passion for as long as they want it.
  • In summary, Level 3 adds specificity to the learnings of Level 1 and 2, giving a coach the tools and confidence to curate a Health and Human Performance experience for the many different types of clients within their clientele. This allows their clients to engage in an authentic experience that transcends what is currently done in the health and fitness industry. 

Curriculum Preview

Modules 1 – 2: Assessing and Programming the Individual Determinants of Health
Presented by Brandon Marcello, PhD and Team IoM

Modules 3 – 4: Brain Health and Cognitive-Based Programming
Presented by Ryan Glatt, MS

Modules 5 – 6: Exercise Programming for Disease States
Presented by Greg duManoir, PhD

Modules 7 – 10: Gender-Specific Programming Considerations
Presented by Jiji Pollock, PhD(c)

Modules 11 – 12: Coaching and Programming for Single-Sport Specialization
Presented by John Sinclair, IoM Programming Director

  • This 19+ hour course will come CEC approved by ACE, NASM, ISSA, AFAA, and NSCA.
  • 3 multiple choice exams must be passed (unlimited re-tries) to earn certification.

What’s Included?

Are you a busy professional who wants to go through the course at your own pace and learns better independently? Access the Level 3 curriculum immediately and unlock all of the lessons.

  • All modules are unlocked
  • Go through the coursework at your own pace
  • A Discussion Forum is provided to ask questions pertaining to the curriculum
  • 4 Months access to Program Builder upon registration

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