Our Team

Relentlessly curious. Steadfastly empathetic. Well-being Champions.

Michol Dalcourt


Michol Dalcourt is an internationally recognized industry leader in health and human performance. He is the founder and CEO of the IoM, inventor of ViPR PRO and Co-Founder of PTA Global. He has given hundreds of international lectures and has been a featured speaker at most of the world’s top fitness conferences, fitness clubs and at many colleges and universities around the world.

Michol specializes in health and human performance, consulting with many of the fitness industry’s biggest companies - including Equinox, Microsoft and Nike.

Luan Ee

Director of Corporate Well-being, Singapore

Luan spent 20 years providing strategic counsel to CEOs and government officials across Asia. She led regional and global teams and represented brands like Nokia, Hewlett Packard and high profile Asian conglomerates. She has experience directing focus groups of senior leaders and driving initiatives to increase brand equity and employee engagement for her clients. She has also been a successful social entrepreneur, telling her story in a NUS-sponsored TED Talk, and publications such as the WSJ

With the Institute of Motion, Luan’s passion and remit is to create impact in Singapore; helping organisations excel as their employees thrive.

In her personal well-being journey, Luan found her love for movement through Parkour, appealing to her sense of fun and adventure.

Mark Allison, MS

Director of Coaching and Development, Singapore

Mark has a genuine passion and unique ability for using health & wellness as a platform to transform people and impact cultures.

His whole-person approach to health is rooted in the art & science of health coaching, behavior change, and all aspects of well being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Derek Vandenbrink, MA


Derek Vandenbrink is a professor in Health, Wellness and Fitness, a Certified Exercise Physiologist, and an S&C coach. Derek holds an BSc. (Kinesiology) and an MA in Physical Education and Recreation specializing in Youth Athlete Development.

He is the lead author of "Metabolic responses to a loaded movement training workout", and was the lead researcher for the SportSG Active Health project in 2017-18.

If he’s not teaching, researching, or coaching, Derek is probably having fun with his family, strength training, playing racquet sports, or fishing.

Sarah Casey

Brand, Product + Content Development

In a health industry full of jargon and conflicting advice, Sarah’s work helps people cut through the noise and figure out what’s worth their attention. She makes big ideas and complex concepts easily accessible, delivering information clearly, simply, (and often with a laugh).

Sarah brings enthusiasm and joie de vivre to every Institute of Motion project - because health, well-being, and happiness are worth smiling about!

Jay Dalcourt


Jay Dalcourt is our Chief Operating Officer. Having significant experience managing other companies, from start-ups to large engineering and construction projects, Jay brings this knowledge and passion to every project or adventure.

Our Partners

In 2016, Institute of Motion joined forces with Sport Singapore for research and development of the concept and framework that would become Active Health.  As partners, SportSG and IoM share a commitment to growing the marketplace for Wellness in the Workplace and advocating for a focus on well-being as a driver for growth in society. 

Wellcoaches is a key strategic partner globally in their capacity as coaching education providers. We highly value the credibility associated with the Wellcoaches name, and rely on this partnership to ensure our programming is competitive. 

With the launch of Wellcoaches Singapore in early 2021, we are excited to continue working together as new opportunities evolve in the SEA wellness space.

Our Coaches

Darren Lim

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

My clients are travelers, and I’ve been their friendly guide to health for the last 18 years. As a coach, I am someone who can help you map your own journey, and walk the path beside you.

Dexter Tay

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

I am a father of 4 young children and one of my greatest wishes is to stay healthy so I can continue to play with my kids and engage them for a long time to come.

I believe movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional and mental states. As a coach, I look forward to helping you become a better version of yourself.

Glenn Ang

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

My philosophy in life is inspired by Bruce lee: 

“Using no way as a way; Having no limitation as limitation.” 

I am looking forward to helping each other to “break” our limits in life, turning obstacles into stepping stones for success!

Karen Lee

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

I worked for 16 years in Asia and Canada in the field of computer science and AI. I never thought twice of quitting my job until 3 family deaths in one year left me making difficult choices - that ended up being positive in the long run.

I am proof that change is possible. I help people develop sustainable healthy habits and become influencers for their loved ones and families.

Wee Hoe Lim

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

I believe the process is as important as the results themselves, which is why I help my clients understand the importance of having small wins along the way. I hope to show you that working towards your goals can be simple, fun and rewarding!