Build a Power Session 03:32

Building a Power Workout begins with deciding on what type of Power adaptation you're looking to obtain: Acceleration, Deceleration, or Conversion (Agility, Plyometrics, Quickness, or Speed).  You can also consider Power Endurance and Max Power which we'll discuss next week.

Generally speaking, it's safe to begin with Acceleration and Deceleration for 2-4 weeks before progressing to more conversion-based power. We also recommend selecting ULT and UMT exercises before progressing to Load-based Power unless you work with an individual with years of training experience.

More experienced clients may train with Power workouts that mix and match a variety of different Power themes or even combine with Strength adaptations. Because of the high force demand and explosive nature of Power Training, we recommend performing Power Training at the beginning of a session before doing Strength Training.

Power Training is often used for athletic clients, but also consider Power Training for individuals who are looking to age well as Power adaptations are typically lost faster than Strength adaptations.

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