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Acceleration can be defined as overcoming inertia to move as fast as possible.

4 types of Acceleration can be performed:

  1. Deadstarts overcome a resting inertia as quickly as possible. Think of going from 0-60MPH as fast as possible.
  2. Momentum-Starts overcome a constant inertia. Think of moving at 50MPH (constant inertia) and then accelerating on the highway to 80MPH to pass another vehicle.
  3. Coil Starts allow the body to load or coil first to capture elastic energy before accelerating in a specific direction (i.e. like a golf swing or throw)
  4. Reactive Starts is acceleration in a specific direction that is triggered by an environmental cue (i.e. coach yelling go at an unspecified time)

To accelerate well:

  • nerves need to depolarize and repolarize quickly
  • high inter/intramuscular coordination
  • muscle must concentrically produce force quickly
  • fascia and skin must be able to tolerate high forces (collagen and elastin). 

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