4 C’s: Confirm/Close 18:56

The last aspect of the 4C's is to Confirm and Close. Here are some guidelines as you wrap up an initial consult or tour:

  • Have the mental framework that you're Solving, not Selling. 
  • Review the main problem(s) your client is looking to solve (i.e. what goals they have and potential obstacles in the way) and how your session/tour addressed many of the client's issues
  • Servitude: Clarify if is there was anything missing from the person's experience
  • Anticipate and eliminate any potential concerns or objections i.e. Which days of the week can you NOT train/come to the gym?
  • Create Vision: 30 Days out, what does success look/feel like? You can then set expectations for the initial part of the client's journey
  • Establish Commitment: What're 1-2 key commitments you will make to yourself? What're 1-2 commitments you need from me? 
  • Paint a Vision with expectations of the on-going journey (30+ days)
  • Ask for permission to work with the member and at what capacity does the member feel they need help
  • Set up the close with no room for a "no", only varying degrees of yes. At the very least you can follow up with the member within 2 weeks.

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