4 C’s 01:16

The 4 C's is designed help a guide create a seamless, yet purposeful initial experience with a potential new client.

Connection: Connecting with a client is about listening to a client's needs, identifying their values, creating a safe environment and building trust to overcome a client's initial anxieties to joining a gym or working with a personal trainer.

Compliment: Using the 4Q Workout Signature, you can identify what a person is currently doing with their fitness endeavours and compliment them with the benefits of the style of training they currently do. Concurrently, you can also begin to show them how your facility or services complements the client's training goal and needs.

Contextualize: Using the 4Q Programming Map, you can create relevancy for how your facility or service is optimal for what the client needs relative to the client's values.

Confirm and Close: This final step reviews the initial experience, demonstrates you've been listening to client's desires and create a gameplan for how the facility and/or services are set up to help the client succeed, making it easy to ask for the final sale of a gym membership and/or personal training.

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