4Q Workout Integration 02:25

When creating a session, we consider 6 Main Programming Themes:

  1. Activation: Exercises that upregulate the neuromuscular system and fluid dynamics.
  2. Mobility: Exercises that create and maintain space in the body.
  3. Cardio: Repetitive exercises that upregulate the cardiorespiratory system.
  4. Strength: Exercises that enhance force production.
  5. Power: Explosive Exercises that improve the rate of force production.
  6. Regen: Exercises that restore homeostasis after a bout of stress.

There are 3 main components of a workout: Warm-Up, Outcome-based Training, and the Cooldown.

We consider Activation, Mobility and Cardio for the Warm-Up; Strength, Power and Cardio for the Outcome-based Training; and Mobility and Regen for the Cooldown.

Once we decide on which training themes we use within a workout, we then use the 4Q to decide the type of neuromechanical stress we want to place on the body (i.e. LLT, ULT, UMT, or LMT). This identifies how much variability we have in a workout and can give us an overall picture of the amount of variability within a program, ensuring we don't program overuse patterns and minimize the potential wear and tear that occurs within a strength and conditioning program. 

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