Building Blocks: Activation 09:55

Ok, this week is all about EXAMPLES of Activation Sequences, which can apply to either a:A - Work-Out Day (as part of the warm-up), or a B - Work-In Day (as part of an “In The Gym” structured recovery session.

At this point, it is not important to focus on which quadrants are used and why, rather, focus on the step involved in Activation (i.e. the Sub-Themes). 

They are:
1. Fluid Dynamics - setting up the condition within the body for optimal function by addressing blood, lymph, water, and the interstitial fluid

2.  Small Motor Unit Recruitment (SMUR) - up-regulating type 1, tonic (stability) based motor units

3. Excitation - teaching the system to up and down-regulate motor units (i.e. turn muscles on and off)

4. Stimulation - increasing sensory stimulation with i) oculomotor (eyes), ii) vestibular (ears), and iii) proprioceptors (pressure receptors)

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