Continuum-Based Thinking 01:52

Continuum-based thinking is a flexible and all-inclusive approach to resolving issues that lie within a continuum.

For example, let's say we're baking a dish that includes Honeycrisp apples and/or Granny Smith apples, two types of apples that both lie on an apple continuum. Instead of asking which is better, a continuum-based thinking approach would first identify the characteristics and benefits of eating both types. For example, Granny Smith is rather tart, while a Honeycrisp is sweet. Neither one is not necessarily better (or worse) and our utilization of either or both of these types of apples will depend on the circumstances of the type of dish we want to put together. This leads to a more intelligent understanding of how to bake the best dish.

In our industry, everything lies within a continuum. Free weight training vs using machines. Bodybuilding vs Functional Training. Strength vs Cardio. Fats vs Carbs... Continuum-based thinking helps us avoid dogmatic thinking and give us the unique insight we need to make informed and intelligent decisions. It's a primary philosophy behind the 4Q!

Click on the link below and we'll expose you to a variety of different continuums that we wrestle with in the fitness industry. A great coach will understand that the best solution requires a flexible approach that considers multiple variables.

Infographic on Continuum-Based Thinking

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