Guidelines: Recreational Athlete 12:01

Guidelines for programming for the Rec Athlete:

  • Use the Recreational Athlete Onboarding Questionnaire to gain specific insight into the needs of the athlete
  • For deconditioned clients, Focus on 4Q Mobility, Movement Strength, and Aerobic Conditioning in their first month
  • In Month 2, you may consider introducing Acceleration and Deceleration along with High Intensity 
  • In Month 3, you may consider Conversion-based Power and a variable metabolic conditioning program
  • Monitor the overall volume of stress, add more recovery if needed
  • Avoid training specific movement patterns found in their sport to avoid overuse injury
  • Maintenance programs can be developed during their competitive season to avoid interfering with their competitions
  • Train in all 4Q as much as possible as athletic endeavours require high movement capability

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