Guidelines: Weight Loss 13:32


Guidelines for programming for weight loss:

  • Create a structure and environment that allows for adherence and consistency is vital to the success of a weight loss program
  • Use the Health and Performance Experience and Weight Loss Questionnaire to identify training themes the client is willing to do or experiment with
  • AVOID training themes the client does not want to do, especially with new clients (see bulletpoint #1!)
  • 30-Day Programs with a re-evaluation each month works well to keep a weight-loss client engaged and allows for a client-centered approach
  • Strength Training can be performed 1-2x/week with a deconditioned client. 
  • Strength Endurance and improving Work capacity can be recommended
  • Experiment with training in all 4Q and see which style of training the client enjoys most
  • Aside from fitness, promoting daily physical activity is critical. Create habits the client is willing to do to boost their daily physical activity levels