Hip Mobility 04:07

The iliofemoral joint (a.k.a. the hip) is a diarthrotic joint, designed to move in all 3 planes of motion. Sitting and inactivity cause the tissues around the hip to become dehydrated, affecting its ability to function properly. When this happens, the knees and low back are at greater risk of injury.

The pelvis is comprised of 2 innominate bones (i.e., 2 sides) and is best described as an interdependent ring - what happens to one side will be echoed by the other. Pelvic motion is described as anterior tilt, posterior tilt, lateral translation, rotation and pelvic decoupling. All of these motions must exist in order for the hip complex to function optimally.

Hip/pelvis decoupling is the very subtle relative motion that exists between the 2 innominate bones of the pelvis. This decoupling motion allows the sacrum to move in a triplane manner, allowing for proper force transmission through the lumbar spine. Hip decoupling mobility drills are critical for enhanced function and performance.

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