Level 1 Expectations

Here’s what to expect over the 12 weeks and our expectations of you in order to have a great experience and earn your credential. 


  • Weekly content will be unlocked every Sunday.
  • The first lesson of each week is your “Program of the Week”. Your instructors have created some fun ways to experience many of the methods and theories you’re learning week to week.
  • All lessons need to be "Marked as Read" to help you keep track of lessons you've completed and to earn your certificate. Videos must be viewed in their entirety to complete a lesson. As a side note, you can fast forward all videos. Allow the video to play out to the end and then you'll be able to "Mark as Read".
  • Weekly Discussion Forum can be accessed via the weekly curriculum and under "Community" in your dashboard


  • Weekly Webinars are pre-recorded sessions.
    • Links to the webinar will be embedded in the curriculum each week.
    • If you have questions you would like us to address in the webinar, drop them in the Questions Forum or you can send an email to dp@instituteofmotion.com
  • Community Workouts: 
    • In some weeks, you'll see a lesson titled Community Workout. You'll be able to watch virtual workouts we've conducted in the past to give you a sense of how we might program and coach an experience in a virtual environment.
    • Workouts are completely optional, but may be insightful and a lot of fun!

Discussion Forum:

  • A discussion forum Assignment will be posted weekly in the curriculum
  • Completion of the Weekly Assignment is optional but highly recommended for the best learning experience.
  • Our goal is to respond and provide feedback to all participants who submit their assignments/posts by Sunday of each week. If you respond late, chances are we may not have the time to provide you feedback. For example, if we are in week 4 as a cohort and you're just submitting your assignment for week 2, we may not respond to your post. However, if we're in week 4, and you submit your week 4 assignment by the end of week 4 (Sunday) we will respond to you!
  • Our feedback will provide you with learning insights relative to the programs/workouts you've created, giving you specific learning opportunities.
  • This is a judgement-free zone. Personal attacks or comments perceived to be negative will not be tolerated and you may be removed from the program with no refund.
  • Please keep the topics of your posts within the realm of health and fitness.
  • Please refrain from speaking ill of any other companies/people/products/services within the industry
  • Moderators of the forum are IoM coaches who will help to assist in your experience

Program Builder

  • Tutorials will be issued throughout the curriculum on how to get the most out of Program Builder
  • We will begin uploading exercises, build Working Blocks and Sessions in weeks 2-5. We will begin building Sessions and Programs in Weeks 6-11.
  • Technical issues around Program Builder can be sent to quentin@instituteofmotion.com
  • The Program Builder is an on-going development for us. We will be working on improving it throughout the duration of your experience so keep that in mind with any glitches or downtime you may experience. 
  • You have FREE access to Program Builder for 4 months from the start of your cohort. Afterwards, you'll need a subscription. To learn more click here: https://instituteofmotion.com/program-builder/
  • If you’d like to contribute exercises to the IoM library, we will have an opportunity for you soon. Stay tuned!
  • If you’d like to partner/group up with professionals within your circle, we can create a specific account for you and your colleagues to share programs and exercises amongst each other. Reach out to DP to set up a team account.


Earning Your Credential:

  • These are the mandatory items that must be completed to earn your credential:
  • Complete and Pass Exam 1 with a 89% or higher
    • Exam 1 will be released in Week 4. 
    • It’s multiple-choice, 50 questions, and the questions are derived from material in Weeks 1-4.
    • Unlimited re-takes at no cost
  • Complete and Pass Exam 2 with an 89% or higher.
    • Exam 2 will be released in Week 12. 
    • Multiple Choice, 50 questions, and the questions are derived from Weeks 5-11
    • Unlimited re-takes at no cost
  • "Mark as Complete" all Lessons and Sublessons. There are over 200 items in Level 1 so make sure you complete the entire lesson. For video-based lessons, the video must be watched all the way through (you can fast-forward to near the end and then let the video finish). If you're having trouble reaching 100%, reach out to dp@instituteofmotion.com.
  • CEC's are provided for personal trainers and can be found in your certificate

Other Information

  • This Course is Self-Paced and does not need to be completed within the 12-Week Window. However, your Free Program Builder subscription will end 4 months from the start date of your cohort.
  • You will have access to this Course (not Program Builder) for as long as the program exists
  • The benefits of staying on Pace with your cohort
    • Get feedback from your peers and the IoM Education Team in a timely manner
    • Have your questions answered by your instructors in the Weekly Webinar
    • Earn your Credential in a timely manner
    • Eliminate the feeling that you’re being left behind or having to play catch up
    • We will stop responding to posts made after the 12-week timeline
  • It is recommended to allocate a minimum of 5 hours per week to this program to stay on pace, otherwise it will take roughly 2 hours per week to go through the material.
  • You must be enrolled in Level 1 to register for Level 2

Most Importantly, #staycurious!

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