What is Selling? 04:15

Selling, from a coaching perspective, is facilitating a process by which a potential client can initiate and perpetuate the decisions that help the client have what they want. It's imperative to understand

  • What a client really wants
  • What motivates them
  • The impact of what your selling has on the client
  • The specific gameplan to achieve what a client wants

Sales is not about convincing someone to act upon your best interest, it's about understanding the client's perception of value and providing solutions to meet the client's values and needs.

Here's a short Bio of Bobby Cappuccio, Director of Coaching at IoM:

Certified coach and co-founder of PTA Global, and former director of professional development at the National Academy of Sports Medicine (N.A.S.M.), Bobby’s reach runs wide. A leadership development consultant for various companies including Hilton Hotels, Virgin Active, and Fitness First, Bobby travels the world inspiring positive change and growth in individuals and companies alike.

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