Intro to SISS 03:48

This week we’ll explore the science and application of Sub-threshold Intensity Steady State training. When programming metabolic conditioning, identify which modality of exercise is best suited for the client for a given session (and you can certainly vary the modality within session or between sessions). 

  • The Cyclical modality is a repetitive movement, i.e. the traditional “cardio” exercise such as running, walking, biking, swimming etc.
  • The Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) modality is an isolated muscle-based type of resistance training that alternates between an upper-body focused exercise and lower body exercise (I.e Chest, Legs, Back, Legs etc).
  • The Whole-Body Integrated (WBI) modality is resistance training that utilizes “functional” exercise. 
  • The Activities of Daily Living (ADL) modality prescribes common physical activities performed around the house, workplace or environment outside of a training center.
  • A Mixed-Modal approach is a combination of any of the aforementioned.