Next Steps 02:24

Congratulations on completing the AHHPS Level 2!

Looking ahead, the AHHPS Level 3 is looking to launch in 2022. The goal of Level 3 is to get specific with our programming now that we have mastery of all 3 4Q Models under our belt. Topics we may explore:

  • Assessment and Readiness Strategies
  • Recovery in the Emotional, Social and Cognitive Domains with Dr. Marcello
  • Programming for Cognitive Health with Ryan Glatt, MS
  • Programming for Disease States including Diabetes, COPD, Heart Disease, Cancer and more with Dr. duManoir
  • Gender-specific programming including Female Health, Pre-Post Natal, Male Health and Transgender Health with Jiji Pollock PhD(c)
  • Athletic Development programming for Single Sport Specialization with John Sinclair

You can now register for Level 3 here:

Once you've completed both exams, you can find your certificate in your profile. Click on "Courses", and expand the AHHPS L2 course. You'll find the icon to download the certificate PDF in the certificate column.

In the meantime, feel free to join us for our community events and if you have any peers in the industry who would benefit from the AHHPS, send them our way.

We couldn't be more proud and thankful that you've taken this journey with us! Please keep in touch and we'll see you again soon!