Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) SISS 04:57

Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) alternates between upper and lower body dominant resistance training exercises. It’s one method that allows us to train “cardio” and “strength” together as one. 

From a SISS perspective, the challenge is to create a circuit that uses exercises that promote the same continuous response at a specific intensity while minimizing rest between exercises. That means selecting the appropriate weight (low), speed (slow), sets (1-3), reps/set (over 12) and type of exercise (simple, isolated resistance training, ULT, LLT primarily) at the desired intensity (low or moderate). You can choose to circuit with machine-based exercise or free weights depending on the client’s ability level. 4-8 exercises can be selected per circuit. 

Think “Muscle-Focused Strength Training” as described in Level 1. 

Guidelines for PHA SISS:

  • Lightweight or Bodyweight 
  • Simple, Linear movements (LLT and ULT dominant)
  • Slow or controlled Speeds
  • Minimal rest (no longer than 15s per exercise)
  • Maintain the same intensity response throughout a circuit
  • Monitor cardiac drift
  • 4-12 exercises can be selected per circuit, 1-3 sets, 12-20 reps or 45-60s per set
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