4Q Programming Guidelines: 2nd Trimester 06:50

This lesson reviews the many hormonal and physiological changes that occur in the 2nd trimester along with a 7-day program case study. 

Neuromechanical: Low back and joint pain may be present. Mobility and Activation strategies may be required. Relaxin has declined compared to the first trimester allowing for more UMT and LMT strategies along with Agile Strength and Conversion-based power, but only for individuals who have training experience. 

Metabolic: Breathing may become labored. Many symptoms may diminish, allowing for more workout sessions. All 4Q Metabolic may be used but only recommend HIIT and HISS for well-trained individuals and level of tolerance. Buffering of lactic acid may be impaired which may index more towards SISS and SIIT protocols. 

Recovery: Again, strategies that may disrupt the mother's core temperature should be avoided. With higher levels of estrogen, fewer recovery days may be programmed in the first half of the 2nd trimester for well-trained individuals, however, symptoms must be managed on an individual basis.