4Q Programming Guidelines: 3rd Trimester 06:18

This lesson reviews the many hormonal and physiological changes that occur in the 3rd trimester along with a 7-day program case study. 

Neuromechanical: Greater joint pain may be evident as the normal curvatures of the body will drastically change. Feet may swell often and diastasis recti may occur. Core training may still be done, however, it may be best to avoid lengthening the abdominal wall further. Water-based environments should be considered heavily while minimizing sessions that require long durations of standing. 

Metabolic: Mild to Severe dyspnea may occur while energy levels begin to decrease again. Short-duration SISS and SIIT should be the primary metabolic focus. 

Recovery: Again, strategies that may disrupt the mother's core temperature should be avoided. Extra emphasis should be placed on Passive joint and tissue care to manage joint pain, edema, and inflammation.