Client Intake 06:39

Our systematic process for onboarding begins with the Client Intake Form and has 5 major components.

1) Engage: This is the initial stage of setting up a consultation. The first section helps the AHHPS gather important personal and medical information along with what other health professionals the client may be working with.

2) Pre-qualify: Is the client ready to participate in regular physical activity? If not, who may be a health professional within our network that we can refer the client to? The PAR-Q section will assist in pre-qualifying the client.

3) Screen: We recommend implementing 3 baseline Health Screens regardless of the goal that involve 1) measuring blood pressure and heart rate, 2) a simple movement screen, and 3) a screen for aerobic function. 

4) Promoters and Disruptors: It's important to identify behaviors that augment the client's goals as well as lifestyle factors that may impede or inhibit a client from achieving their goals. 

5) Areas of Enhancement: Looking at key categories with the Determinants of Health, the client can prioritize which areas they would like to focus on in their upcoming Program, designed by the AHHPS.