Exercise and Recovery effects on HPA/HPG Axis 03:48

Mechanical: Strength Training sessions lasting 30-45min with moderate-heavy intensities 2-3x/week are recommended. Systemic fatigue seems to be the key to triggering a boost in testosterone production so selecting compound movements or whole-body integrated exercises are useful. Power Training due to its high intensities may also be considered for a seasoned exerciser with proper progressions.

Metabolic: HIIT and HISS cardio sessions (15-30min) 1-2x/week to complement the Strength Training may be ideal. Much like Strength Training, training at higher intensities to create systemic fatigue is key. However, excessive high-intensity training may continue to disrupt the T:C ratio so training in all 4Q Metabolic throughout a program is important. 

Recovery: Reducing cortisol levels with adequate sleep and healthy eating combined with extra time spent on variable recovery is critical to restoring the T:C ratio to optimal levels. Recovery strategies must include all domains of the Determinants of Health, not just the Physical domain.