General Exercise Guidelines for Metabolic Syndrome 07:59

Typical exercise prescription has focused on cardiovascular approaches achieving 150 min of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per week.

Indeed, literature has shown that the inclusion of physical activity can magnify the outcome of diet and pharmacological interventions in individuals with metabolic syndrome such that improvements are observed in all areas of increased risk. In addition, there is a reduction in type II diabetes and cardiometabolic disease risk.

Whereas traditional cardiovascular training approaches have received the most attention in the literature, there is recent evidence that individualized (threshold-based exercise training) may have a greater impact on health-related (metabolic syndrome risk) outcomes adding support to the 4QMET model.

Thus, while SISS has the most evidence in the literature and cyclical activities are the most investigated, SIIT and HIIT training have shown improvements in health-related outcomes in individuals with metabolic syndrome. There has been limited use of HISS in the literature and similar to overweight and obesity, attention must be paid to the intensity-duration relationship and interaction with comorbidities in individuals with metabolic syndrome.

Specific 4Q Guidelines will be found in future lessons.