Physical Domain Assessments 08:54

Underneath the Physical Domain, there is an array of Assessments we can use to help us inform our Programming decisions and also create awareness for your client. We focus on 4 main categories:

Movement: How well someone moves and/or how much physical activity they integrate into their life

Sleep: We can primarily assess the quantity of sleep using much of the tech that is out there, however quality of sleep is still lacking from a consumer perspective.

Nutrition: We can have our client track calories and various macronutrients. We can also recommend they seek assessments that explore how their body interacts with food, many of which can be done from the comfort of your client's home and then submitted via mail. Otherwise, see help from a nutritionist.

Physiological: There is an abundance of technology out now that a client can use to track various physiological measures such as blood pressure, HRV, or the menstrual cycle to name a few. 

Be sure to only use assessments within your scope of practice and start creating a referral network so you can refer appropriately. Use the Areas of Enhancement in the Client Intake Form to identify which category your assessment and programming should focus on.