The Complex Human 13:42

Understanding future and desired states of performance is essential to making improved decisions pertaining to performance execution and enhancement. Equally important is the ability to acknowledge that these states are as dynamic as the environments in which our clients function.

The establishment and appreciation for these states are integral to creating a well-rounded systematic approach to improving and optimizing performance. This approach drives a common purpose across the entire life cycle of the human that applies to any situation or scenario.

Because humans are very complex beings, the ebb and flow of human performance states are important to understand and appreciate.  

To break things down into simpler terms, human performance occurs in multiple domains – the physical, the cognitive (mental), the social, and the emotional. If we imagine these domains as buckets, we can better understand how they contribute to desires or undesirable performance.

Every human is different. Hence the term individual. Appreciating this, every human has different size domain buckets. And to further complicate things, each bucket fills and empties at different rates. How and why this happens are a result of our genetics, environment, and experiences.