Mental/Emotional Domain Assessments 09:40

Assessments in the Mental/Emotional Domain can be divided into 4 categories. The following are resources to be used for self-discovery and not as a diagnostic tool.

1) Mindset: our attitudes that shape our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Character Strengths Test      Self-Esteem Test     Self-Efficacy for Exercise       Gratitude Quiz    Grit Scale     Adult Hope Score     Anxiety and Depression

2) Purpose: what drives us! 

Personal Values Assessment      Motivation      The Passion Scale 

3) Emotional Intelligence: How we understand and process emotion. 

EI Test    Mindtools EI Test        TargetSmartEQ     IHHP EI Test      Perceived Stress Scale

4) Cognition: Mental Functions that allow for interaction with ourselves and our environment.

SAGE Alzheimer's and Dementia Self-Screen     Cognitive Failures Questionnaire     Memory Functioning Questionnaire        Executive Functioning Questionnaire

Make sure to use the Areas of Enhancement section in your Client Intake form to identify which area to assess specifically for your client and start to get familiar with the many assessment tools at your disposal.