Postpartum Programming Considerations 05:35

This lesson highlights the many programming considerations at different phases of Postpartum. 

The Recovery Phase lasts immediately after childbirth to roughly 12 weeks (although may be shortened or lengthened on an individual basis).

Mechanically need to be aware of:

  • Diastasis recti
  • Pelvic Floor dysfunction
  • Management of cesarean incision and the disruption this has on core stabilization
  • Lumbopelvic pain and changes in gait
  • Odd-postures to care for the child
  • Urinary incontinence and vaginal bleeding

Training should be avoided with a focus on Recovery protocols.

In the Rehab/Training Phase, which begins after medical clearance to exercise fully, mobility, strength, and cardiovascular training can begin 1-2x per week, being mindful of the aforementioned considerations.