Social Domain Assessments 14:24

Assessments in the Social Domain fall into 4 categories. The following are resources to be used for self-discovery and not as a diagnostic tool.

  1. Sociability: What environments expend our energy and how we recharge our batteries. We’ll discuss more on the introvert and extrovert continuum in the next module, however, you can explore this Introvert-Extrovert Scale by Greg Grove, Ph.D to learn more.
  1. Relationships: The strength of our relationships and how people support us in different facets of our life. Use our “My 20x Worksheet”  to explore your client’s relationship domains to help give them the support they need in key areas of their life.
  2. Career: How our career and workplace impact our well-being. For younger adults, we can relate to their schooling and career aspirations.

BGSU Job Descriptive Index       Job Satisfaction Surveys   Financial Literacy

  1. Social Aptitude: How we connect and socialize easily with others. 

Social Skills Test

Social Skills Training