Carries can be defined as pre-positioning the ViPR PRO®in a specific location around the body, and then performing a movement task while maintaining the ViPR's pre-position. A Farmer's Walk, where the user holds onto a mass at hip level and then walks a specific distance is the most classic "Carry". The primary challenge with a Carry is being able to stabilize a load while maintaining a specific posture and still being able to move dynamically with the rest of the body. This requires stabilization strength to sustain a specific posture, especially through the core, and motor intelligence to accomplish a dynamic task. We look to Carry the ViPR PRO® in numerous postures, exposing the body to variable challenges which ultimately leads to a more resilient athlete. Check out the "Farmer's Walks" in Chapter 4 for more examples. From a motor learning perspective, "Carries" allow a user to focus on moving less body parts, making it an ideal strategy to begin when learning complex movements or for new users of Loaded Movement Training. Resource: Trunk activation during various "Carries" in a strongman competition.