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The ViPR Pro Fundamentals Course on Platform is a 6 chapter, 60+ lesson, video-rich curriculum that will walk you through how to promote resiliency and performance with ViPR Pro. Each lesson is approximately 5 minutes or less containing video, relevant research and external links, along with quizzes to fortify your comprehension. We’ll explore the sciences that support Loaded Movement Training along with exercise technique, coaching principles, and workouts designed specifically to enhance Mobility, Strength, Power and Metabolic Conditioning for optimal movement and performance. Completing this curriculum certifies you as a ViPR Pro Trainer.

This is our "Virtual Book" on ViPR Pro.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the history of ViPR, how it was created and for what purpose
  • Explore the training concept that supports the use of ViPR Pro called Loaded Movement Training
  • Investigate the many authentic ways in which to use ViPR Pro for improving Strength, Mobility, Power and Metabolic Conditioning
  • Discuss the unique scientific principles that justify the various adaptations that can be achieved with Loaded Movement Training
  • Discover an exercise library with 100 exercises including regressions and progressions
  • Explore authentic coaching strategies to safely and effectively implement ViPR Pro in a training program
  • Dive into a library of ViPR Pro Workouts to enhance Mobility, Strength, Power and MetCon for various client capabilities
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