Freedom of Motion Principle 01:52

Freedom of Motion Principle: As Mass increases, our freedom of motion decreases. As Mass decreases, our freedom of motion increases. In other words, when moving really heavy mass, we must maintain a very strict form with the exercise; keeping the body in a neutral position and the mass close to our center of gravity. To explore movement that is outside of a neutral posture, a lighter load should be used to sustain safety around the movement. The same can be said about speed and complexity. If we want to move faster or with greater whole-body integration, our degrees of freedom will decrease, at least initially, to keep the exercise safe. ViPR PRO® exercises usually demand high degrees of freedom body-wide. This is why ViPR PRO® was designed to have lighter loads compared to traditional strength tools (Barbells, Dumbells etc); to help us explore the 3-Dimensional space around us while under load. Respecting the Freedom of Motion principle is paramount for the success of a strength and conditioning program that includes Loaded Movement Training. Resource: Freedom of Motion infograph