Internal/External Cueing 02:11

Knowing What to say, When to say it, and How to say it are important elements of successful coaching. Internal cues are ideal to use when setting up an exercise and provide a frame of reference of what body parts are driving the motion. Examples of Internal Cues: "Drive your right hand across the body", "Tilt the ViPR to knee height", "Lift the ViPR with the Hips, and not the Back". We recommend avoiding "Muscular"-based internal cueing ("Engage your Core","Squeeze your Glutes") as it can disrupt Rhythm and Timing and impair joint motion. External cues are recommended for the execution of the exercise and focus on the outcome of the movement. Examples include "Push the Earth away", "Move quietly like a ninja", "Jump through the roof". With the complexity of many ViPR PRO® exercises, using these forms of cueing appropriately is paramount for creating safe and effective movement. Reference: Attentional Focus and Cueing for Speed Development by Nick Winkleman