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The design of the ViPR PRO®, specifically the Length and Diameter, allow a user to modify their leverage over the device, offering numerous ways to challenge the user with the same mass. In traditional strength training, a barbell that has a mass of ~45lb (20kg), is considered to be "light", as we typically grab it in a symmetrical position and move it close to our midline. The second heaviest ViPR PRO® is 20kg, the same mass as a barbell, yet moving this monster of a ViPR is very challenging for most as many ViPR PRO® exercises demand moving a mass in odd-positions and away from midline. General rule of thumb: the better leverage we have over the ViPR PRO®, the easier the exercise becomes. The worst leverage we have over the ViPR PRO®, the heavier the ViPR will feel and the more challenging the exercise. This makes for an easy regression/progression strategy with any ViPRPRO® exercise. Regression: Increase the leverage over the ViPR PRO®, i.e. symmetrical holds, neutral postures, keeping the ViPR close to the body Progression: Decrease the leverage over the ViPR PRO®, i.e. asymmetrical holds, variable postures, shifting the mass away from midline. More on Regression/Progression strategies in Chapter 5!
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