Tensile Strength 02:23

A major benefit to training with ViPR PRO® is improving our Tensile Strength. Tensile Strength is the ability of our connective tissues to tolerate high force while being stretched and not tear. Think of a tennis player extending herself to reach and hit a ball, an MMA fighter having their arm caught in an arm-bar, or the first baseman in baseball stretching quickly to catch a ball. In order to not "pull a muscle" or injure a joint, these athletes develop high levels of tensile strength in their tissues. It may be one of the reasons why athletes are implementing the Nordic Hamstring curl to reduce hamstring strains. Using ViPR PRO® and Shifting Patterns, we take a mass and move it away from midline in many directions. The repetitive stimulus of lengthening our tissues 3-dimensionally, slowly fortifies greater tensile strength within our tissues, creating a more resilient athlete to tolerate these unique force demands. This process is known as mechanotransduction, and it's a mechanism for how our soft tissues adapt to force and movement.