ViPR PRO® Strength 01:28

ViPR PRO® Strength Training is about enhancing the body's ability to generate the required amount of force to accomplish a given movement-task(s). A Movement-task or skill is selected based on the clients needs while numerous forms of Strength can be challenged including:
  • Strength Endurance (The ability to sustain force production over a given time)
  • Tensile Strength (The ability to stretch and not tear while under load)
  • Positional Strength (The strength required to accommodate a given posture or position)
  • Starting Strength (The ability to generate force from a "dead" or resting position)
  • Agile Strength (The ability to move a load quickly while moving multi-planar and changing direction AKA Momentum Strength)
  • Movement Strength (The ability to generate force during transitional movement patterns).
Below you'll find 3 ViPR PRO® Strength Workouts progressing from simple to complex that challenge these forms of strength around many of the movement skills learned in Chapter 4.