ViPR PRO® Workout Programming 03:33

Designing a program should include an understanding of the client's desired goals and the specific training themes that should be used and periodized over time to achieve the necessary adaptations to reach the desired outcome. Using the workouts from the previous lessons, we put together the ViPR PRO® Workout Calendar as a general 6-month program for Strength and Conditioning while using Loaded Movement Training. Depending on the individuals training experience and physical condition, a trainer/coach can start the individual at different points within the calendar and progress them forward. Over the course of 6 months, we progress
  • Mobility --> Strength --> Power
  • Simple to Complex
  • Volume and Intensity from Low to High
  • Metabolic Conditioning from Aerobic to Anaerobic Training.
Because this is a general program, progression depends on the individual's readiness determined by a certified personal trainer or strength and conditioning specialist. Lastly, you can certainly co-mingle other forms of training within the template to create a well-rounded program that is not just LMT centric. We recommend consulting with the Institute of Motion and their 4Q Programming Model. ViPR PRO® Workout Calendar