Chapter Introduction

In the previous chapter, you have learned ViPR PRO® Functional Strength course components and how we combine them to design an exercise. It's time to apply the gained understanding, so this chapter is about practice.

We know from the previous chapter that we have five (5) exercise patterns; therefore, we have five lessons. 

We also learned that we can apply ViPR PRO® in four (4) different Strength types, four different topics of each lesson.

Each topic (an exercise) includes three guiding components: 

  1. How to
  2. Primary Focus 
  3. Helpful Tip

These twenty (20) ViPR PRO® exercises are your initial library designed for Odd Position Strength, Dead Strength, Agile Strength, and Strength Endurance.


To get the most out of ViPR PRO┬« and be safe: 

  1. Maintain a tall spine. Imagine that you are at school and it's a picture day. 
  2. Move from the hips. Most exercises are whole-body, so relax into the movements and allow your hips to move.