ViPR PRO® Grips 02:05

The design of the ViPR PRO® provides numerous grips or ways to hold/carry it. This offers many opportunities to load the body in variable ways, with each grip providing a unique training response.

We may regress, progress, or modify an exercise by simply changing the grip. This is the easiest way to modify an exercise to match the capabilities of the user. 

As you explore the ViPR PRO®, try performing a given task numerous ways by simply changing the grip with that given task. You'll quickly find how each grip promotes a different response in the body.

Although we won't use all grips mentioned below, it's useful to know them.

ViPR PRO® Grips:

  • Neutral, Narrow, Wide, Offset
  • Front, Offset Front, Shoulder
  • Shovel, Suitcase (Underhand/Overhand)
  • On End, On Tube, Pinch (1 Hand, Both Hands)
  • Mid