MetCon 1

A summary of MetCon programming

Step 1: We know from part 1 that MetCon contains five (5) exercises, performed in a low and high repetitions range - use "graded exposure" system to progress. Athletes will choose one based on their daily readiness and time availability. 

Step 2: Complete one exercise before you move to the next one

Step 3: Perform in a circuit style, rest whenever you need, and measure the total time of the session. 


  1. Highlight important cues of each exercise
  2. Athletes apply "pacing". If 200 repetitions are required, an example of pacing can be performing 50 repetitions in 4 cycles.
  3. Add 5 minutes of break every 20 minutes for tissue hydration. 
  4. Athletes' primary focus is on high-quality movement.

Click on the link below to access StrengthCon programming.


Click on the link below to watch all exercises together, and then view them one by one below.

Each exercise is in "picture in picture"; water and dry land execution to observe whole-body movement.


To download both, exercises poster and programming slides, make sure to select ”Materials” in this lesson.