Course Guide 06:37

Welcome to ViPR PRO® Training Camp


  1. ViPR PRO Story and introduction to Team Training
  2. Intro to the concept that supports the use of ViPR PRO® called Loaded Movement Training
  3. Investigate many authentic ways in which to grip ViPR PRO®
  4. Discuss the science behind farm-strength and body-wide resiliency 
  5. Explore Training Camp’s structure and its characteristics
  6. Identify Training Camp’s programs and training bouts blocks 
  7. Introduce Training Camp’s coaching DNA and explore strategies to safely and effectively deliver a memorable experience. 
  8. Digital downloads 
  9. Multiple choice exit quiz


  • Each chapter has video content and downloadable content (“materials”)
  • You can choose to go through the course at your pace 
  • No deadline to complete 
  • Earn your credential “ViPR PRO® Training Camp Coach”
    • Pass Part 1 Exit Quiz


  1. How to navigate through each training bout 
  1. Dry Land Programs 
    • StrengthCon 1
    • StrengthCon 2
    • MetCon 1
    • MetCon 2
  2. Each Training Bout
    • Link to the base bout
    • Link to the regressed version
    • Downloadable PDF cheat sheet
    • Downloadable e-Poster


  • Update every 6 months 
  • New environments added later 
  • New content only Part 2 


  • All training bouts are delivered through IoM's Program Builder. Part 2 first chapter demo.
  • Technical issues around Program Builder can be sent to
  • The Program Builder is an on-going development for us. We will be working on improving it throughout the duration of your experience so keep that in mind with any glitches or downtime you may experience. 
  • If you’d like to contribute exercises to the IoM library, we will have an opportunity for you soon. Stay tuned!
  • If you’d like to partner/group up with professionals within your circle, we can create a specific account for you and your colleagues to share programs and exercises with each other. More information on this soon.


Have a wonderful experience and stay farm strong!