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Derrick Price

Hi Andy, great questions here.

The intent behind programming is that you offer a unique program through specific time intervals (usually on a weekly or monthly basis) relative to the client’s goals/needs. When a client says  “Can you give me some things to work on at home”, that IS programming, they just don’t know to call it that. I think it’s a good idea to allow a new client to experience a program from you for free, giving them the opportunity to see the value in that additional service. If they don’t value it, then you don’t have to waste your time and can focus on programming with those who do value it.  Ideally, I would try to get people on a recurring monthly revenue stream so as you build more programs, you can save them as templates to be used for future clients and that way you can earn revenue with minimal time expenditure as your content becomes more robust.

Clients have access to the programs you develop so long as the program is in your library. If you delete a program, the URL will no longer work thus the client will lose access to it.

Our current goal is to develop a client management system that allows you to “turn on/off” a program for a client, rather than having to delete it. We also want to ensure that your clients can’t just share the url they received with their friends as that dilutes your product (we’re very aware of this!).  So eventually your clients will have to create a free account on the program builder to access their programs versus you having to send out a URL with each Program you develop for them (along with a host of other features). In the meantime, you can manage access to a program by deleting them (just make sure to make a copy in case they want it again). However, I would recommend as part of the programming service that a client maintains access to the program “forever”. The more you tailor the program to a client, the less chance there is they will share it, plus their friends may want something tailored for them versus using their friend’s program.

Also, if your program is shared, it only elevates your brand! You become the main resource for health/fitness/performance in the mind of your community and the people you influence, even if they don’t directly engage in your services, that’s still a win!!