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Sigi Sharabi

Very interesting thoughts on acceleration and deceleration!  I have a question with regards to the mobility drills and warm ups. I am new to the personal training field so I am still learning and there is a lot I am learning here. It is very different than what I learned and different than NASM which is kind of rigid in their program design (compared to this).

My question is many people who are deconditioned come in to train. So if someone has pain in their knee for example or maybe a herniated disc bound to happen (unbeknown to them ) because of their poor body mechanics etc. can any of these exercises put them in a situation that can cause that knee to pop or disc herniation to happen?

For example, I have learned squat so knees don’t come over toes so as not to put more stress on the knees. Some of the mobility exercises here though might have the knee in an awkward position as the person is moving into a rotational squat – especially if the person might have knees caving in. Another example would be some of the exercises that you have with an OH reach and back in extension… so if someone has tight shoulders and overly compensates using their lower back or maybe just uses overuses their lower back – then I would think that exercise could potentially put that person at risk for injury – especially if they have had poor body mechanics over time. I wouldn’t want to be the one to cause them an injury during our session.  Is this something to consider when giving mobility exercises? I assume your strength training exercises will be similar. I would think we shouldn’t load the body unless body mechanics are right?

Thank you, Sigi