AHHPS: Level 1

Welcome to the Applied Health and Human Performance Specialist program Level 1, a 12-week course on how we program Mechanical Stress for BOTH Health AND Fitness and build a virtual business centered around Program Design.

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Course Objectives

  • Define and Classify movement into the 4Q Mechanical Model
  • Justify the 4Q for all client types
  • Build Comprehensive Warm-Ups using 4Q Activation and Mobility
  • Develop Recovery sessions focused on tissue and joint care
  • Design 4Q Strength and Power Workouts
  • Utilize the 4Q to communicate effectively with your clients and how your program was designed specifically for their needs and desires
  • Explore a Programming Logic for designing mechanical-based workouts and programs
  • Discover ways to use the IoM Program Builder to build comprehensive workouts for your clientele
  • Build a Business around delivering and coaching Programs, not just sessions.