ViPR PRO® Level 1: Functional Strength

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A vital component of health and human performance is the ability to generate force based upon a demand. This is called Strength.

A subset of strength, is the ability to create purposeful force for a variety of different tasks; with different speeds/angles/loads. We call this Functional Strength, or in other words Being Farm Strong.

In this course, you will learn about the concept behind ViPR PRO®, explore ViPR PRO® exercises for five fundamental movement patterns and how to implement these into programming.


  • Learn the story of ViPR PRO┬«
  • Learn and understand the concept behind ViPR PRO┬«
  • Explore ViPR PRO┬« Functional Strength components
  • Practice twenty (20) ViPR PRO┬« exercises designed for squats, lunges, presses, core and rotations
  • Implement ViPR PRO┬« Functional Strength exercises into programs