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      Jason Stacy

        Hello Crew!!!

        Hopefully you’re all finding ways to keep moving and keep business flowing and growing!!!

        I am opening up training gyms in Redmond & Bellevue, Wa. (and Cali soon)

        Need 1-2 trainers for the Bellevue/Redmond Washington area ASAP

        Not overly interested in level of qualifications or number of cert’s etc. Need good people who want to build an amazing training environment!!!

        Everything we do will incorporate Mindset, Movement, and Mentorship!!

        Community, Connection and Intelligent Hard Work!!!

        These initial locations are based within existing Tennis Academies. So we already have a captive audience!!

        Our focus is athletic development however we will be offering adult movement sessions as well!! Getting people moving and creating a healthy relationship with exercise/training!!!

        We will most definitely be taking a movement based, holistic, hybrid approach to our methods!!

        We will be implementing many of principles taught in the IoM AHHPS certification, as well as the work I have done over the past 25yrs with athletes all over the world.

        If you or anyone you know is interested, please reach out or pass on my details!!

        Going to be a ton of fun and lots of learning and growing together!!!!!!

        Any questions etc, please email or whatsapp me


        Whatsapp: +61474191236 or US 1-513-238-9042

        THANK YOU!!!

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